Viscount Records and Studios

CD and DVD Duplication

updated 4/10/15

Viscount Records has been providing
high quality digital duplication since 1996.

  • Duplication
    The process of copying CDs or DVDs by recording (burning) the digital information from your master disc onto a recordable blank disc.
    Duplication is great for small to medium size runs (typically 500 or less) or when fast turnaround is required.
    Most small orders of 100 or less that do not require printed inserts are completed in 24-48 hours.

Your duplication master - AUDIO, CD-ROM, Video CD, DVD or DVD-ROM will be duplicated using premium grade CD-Rs and DVD-Rs so the sound, video or data on the duplicated disc will not go bad due to faulty media.

We can Duplicate:
  • Audio CD
  • CD-ROM
  • Video CD or VCD
  • DVD

A word about your masters

The quality of the master CD or DVD is important and can be affected by the quality of both the blank media and the burner. High quality blanks and CD burners should be used for best results. Cheap blanks are just not worth the trouble for the few cents you will save. Problems may include data going bad very shortly after you burn the disc, sometimes in just a day. Audio CDs can have errors which do not show when playing in a CD player but can produce errors and glitches in the audio of the duplicated disc.

Audio and Video masters should be listened to or watched from beginning to end checking for problems in the audio or video. Any known inherent problems, such as clicks in the audio or video glitches, should be made known to us.

CD or DVD data disc (CD-ROM or DVD-ROM) should have every file on the master checked (Yes it's work but it's better than having a lot of unusable copies) to be sure it opens properly as well as checking it on several computers or players. If your disc is to be cross platform make sure you check it on several systems such as Macintosh and PC.
Files that may open on a Mac may not open on a PC and files that open on a PC may not open on a Mac. Sometimes with PCs a simple error like a missing period before the extension such as - filenamejpg - instead of - filename.jpg - can be the problem.

All masters should be handled carefully by the edges, the oil in fingerprints can diffract the light from the laser causing errors. Standard jewel cases, not the slim ones, should be used to store and transport the master. The standard jewel case provides a protective air space above and below the disc while the thinner cases can easily make contact with the recorded side making marks on the surface.

If you have any questions about the quality of your blank media please contact us for recommendations.

Please note that we can not duplicate material that you do not own or do not have the right to make copies of.

Please check out the COPYRIGHT and SONG LICENSING Links

Please download and fill out the Itellectual Property Rights form for all Duplication orders.