Viscount Records and Studios

Looking for a Studio That's Right for You?

No two artist are alike and recording shouldn't be approached with a one size fits all attitude. Each has a unique identity and sound. Capturing that sound and performance is our ultimate goal. Additionally there is a free pre-production consultation available to get a feel of what works for you and to provide helpful suggestions for your production.

We also realize that cost is always an issue so unlike some studios there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for the engineer or the use of any equipment in the studio. The only exception to this is for tuning the Yamaha Grand Piano if required for the session. We try to taylor your session to fit your budget as much as possible but it's important to know that good, creative mixes can take time and you should always allow for that when possible. Too often we get projects to rescue that were recorded elsewhere, many times costing much more than if they were recorded here originally. Unfortunately by the time we get them there's usually little budget left to fix them.

Thousands of projects, local and international, have been recorded here covering many styles of music, types of projects and languages. Just a few of them are: Blues, Rockabilly, Jazz, Salsa, Punk, Rock, Acoustic, Orchestral, Acappela as well as Film Scores and Narration.

The studio is an acoustically tuned, modern open trap design that allows a live feel with free interaction between musicians while at the same time provides for maximum acoustical separation between instruments. It features a beautiful Yamaha Grand Piano in it's own trapped area. The studio is large enough to easily accommodate typical groups of Drums, Bass, Two Guitars and Keyboards or vocal groups of around 20 singers.

Our primary recorder is the fully professional ProTools HD TDM system, used world wide by all major studios. The HD analog to digital converters capture a unrestricted natural smooth sound with silky highs and solid lows.

The control room also acoustically tuned is filled with much new, vintage and legendary analog equipment such as API and UREI (Universal Audio) that can be combined with state of the art digital, as well as many top notch plug-ins for ProTools HD. Main monitors are the full sized UREI 813's.
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