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Video to DVD, Editing & Audio for Video

updated 10/25/17

Under normal conditions video tape starts to deteriorate in 3-5 years depending on storage conditions.

There are 3 parts to tape: the backing which is a plastic ribbon; the oxide, a magnetic coating which your recording is on and the binder which is the glue that holds the oxide to the ribbon. The binder breaks down with heat and humidity allowing the oxide to shed loosing some of your recording causing white lines, unstable image, drop outs etc. The more you play it the worse it gets. So before you loose your valuable video transfer it to the more stable DVD format.

At Viscount Records we can transfer your video to a personal DVD or master DVD ready for duplication. We can also edit, add titles, effects, voice over dubs and produce custom sound tracks.

Video to DVD transfers
  • Basic Transfers
    Direct to DVD transfer with no editing. Your video will be transferred exactly as it is except for trimming excessive blank space from beginning and end. Chapter markers are added every 5 minutes at no additional cost.
  • Advanced transfers
    Your video is first transferred to computer in a high quality video format where it can be edited, titles & credits added and transition effects can be added. Your video is then transfered direct to DVD. Chapter markers are added every 5 minutes at no additional cost.
  • Advanced transfers with Custom DVD Authoring
    Same as Advanced Transfers but with custom DVD menus and authoring.
  • Down Load - Video To DVD Transfer Form

Pricing for Basic transfers includes up to 2 hours of video from one video source. Additional video sources can added to the same DVD as long as the total time does not exceed 2 hrs... (please call for pricing).

Pricing for Advanced transfers is based on an hourly rate plus the master DVD (please call for pricing).

Pricing for Custom DVD Authoring is based on an hourly rate plus the custom DVD master (please call for pricing).

We can Transfer & Edit from:
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • SVHS
  • Mini DV
  • DVD (this is not the best format to edit from since it is a highly compressed
    format and lower quality. No frame accurate editing without format conversion.)
Audio for Video
  • Audio for Video
    Audio recording, up to 64 tracks, in ProTools HD and mixing to video.
  • Audio from Video
    Your audio from your video can be exported to ProTools HD for Editing and Enhancement with EQ, Compression, adding Reverb & other Effects and any other processing available.
  • Audio Equipment List
Video Editng
  • Frame Accurate Video Editing
    Using the world standard Final Cut.
  • Pictures to Video and DVD
    Your digital images, PhotoShop files and document scans can be used alone, intermixed with video clips or used with split screens to create your custom video or DVD.
Turn Your Travel Video Into a Movie
  • Take the next step, get the dust off and turn your travel video into a movie that you and your friends will want to watch over and over.
  • Knowing what to cut can make the difference between a boring long home video and something that you will enjoy watching many times.
  • Add music that is royalty free, with no copyright issues, in key areas to add interest and set the mood.
  • You may even want add your own narration from time to time.
  • Call us, we can help.

All Terms, Conditions and Prices are subject to change without prior notice.