Viscount Records and Studios

About Viscount Records

In a time when other studios are down sizing or just getting out of the business we are dedicated to staying and doing what we have always done, providing exceptional recording services for a reasonable price. In fact we have been expanding into film and video. Viscount Records has been in business for 44 years, longer than any other studio in the area. That's some track record!

Viscount Records (pronounced "Vie Count", the "s" is silent) was started in 1966 as a need to fill a void in a professional recording studio where local musicians could record at a reasonable price.

Back then in an analog world, it was all about the music and the performance and still in the digital world it's still about that "analog" performance. Recording great performances and music is what I enjoy the most but I also have an addiction to great equipment, analog and digital, to capture those performances. I really don't want to think about the equipment while I'm recording, it needs to be transparent as much as possible so I tend to buy the best sounding and most reliable stuff that I can.

Always ready to embrace new technologies when the time is right, in 1974 Viscount Records became the first studio in the area to offer 2"-30 ips,16 track recording. First in the area, in the early 80's even before DAT recorders were available, to use digital recording technology to compliment the analog.

In 1996 computers for digital editing and CD mastering (can you believe blank CD-Rs had just dropped below $25 each back then and a CD burner was $1200) were added to the audio equipment list.

Digital audio is something I've been working with for a long time so when the time came, in 2000, for a full blown Digital Audio Recording system it was an easy step to ProTools.

Many audio upgrades have been made since ProTools including: upgrading to ProTools HD, New Preamps added, New Microphones, New Computers, etc. There is, however, still plenty of vintage gear here.

Acoustic upgrades have also been made and are still being made as time will allow. Oh and let's not forget this, the web site finally got around to an update.

The upgrade process is never ending and shouldn't be.


Audio Services:
  • High Definition Digital Recording via Protools TDM
  • Production Assistance
  • Audio for Video
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Short-Run CD Duplication of Audio CD, CD-ROM
  • Manufacturing (Replication) of Audio CD, CD-ROM
  • High Quality mp3 audio encoding
  • Podcast Creation
  • Transfer of Audio to CD from Pro Tools Files, 1/4" Reel, Cassette, 45 and 33 rpm records
Video Services:
  • Video Editing
  • Video Post Production and ADR
  • Audio Mixing to Video
  • Transfer of Video to DVD and Video CD from DV files, Mini DV, VHS,VHS-C and SVHS
  • Short-Run CD Duplication of Video CD, DVD and DVD-ROM
  • Manufacturing (Replication) of DVD and DVD-ROM
  • DVD Authoring
  • Video encoding for Youtube and web
Graphics Services:
  • Graphic Design for CD and DVD
  • Short-Run CD and DVD insert printing
  • Web Site Design services in PHP and MySQL
Website Design:
  • Website Design services in CSS, PHP and MySQL
Consulting Services:
  • Analog and Digital audio systems
  • ProTools DAW Systems for Mac OSX computers
  • Mac OSX computers
  • Website consulting and design services